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Microsoft Visual Studio 15.5.6
Microsoft Visual Studio 15.5.6

Microsoft Visual Studio 2018 Whether you are developing apps for SharePoint, the web, Windows, Windows Phone, and beyond, Visual Studio is your ultimate choice and all-in-one solution. Microsoft Visual Studio is a very powerful and efficient IDE that ensures quality code throughout the entire application lifecycle, from design stage to deployment. If you have got some software development experience, you can use Visual Studio to develop custom applications, mobile and web applications.

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• Rich development environment
The Visual Studio product family shares a single integrated development environment that is enriched with several elements: the Menu bar, Standard toolbar, various tool windows docked or auto-hidden on the left, bottom, and right sides, as well as the editor space. The tool windows, menus, and toolbars available depend on the nature of the project you are working in. This will help you to focus on creating value and accomplishing task quicker.


• Debugging & Diagnosing design issues
Microsoft Visual Studio 15 includes a robust set of build and debugging tools. You are beginning the debugging process once you have built the configuration. Building your application enables the user to detect compile-time errors.

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