Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro

Do you love adventure?

I think everyone has the desire to see the world physically or even detailed pictures online. Google earth pro has made it possible for you to visit anywhere in the world by viewing satellite images of geographical content of your choice. If you need geographical information across the continent or a nearby restaurant, google earth pro comes to your rescue. It recently cost $400 but it’s now free. How cool is that?! You can now enjoy exploring the world at the comfort of your home for free.

How To Install Google Earth Pro

You can directly download google earth pro from google. It’s not a skill to master, You just simply click on the download button and follow the normal software download process.

After completion of installation, you’ll open the software and need a username and password. Just enter your email address as the username and GEPFREE as the password.

And that’s it.You are ready to explore the world.

What Do I Do With Google Earth Pro?

This might be a big question especially to people who have already used google earth. Google earth was amazing and still is but google earth pro takes you to a whole other level.
I’ll discuss the main features google earth pro can offer your curiosity.

1.Prints high resolution images

This software has no nonsense results when it comes to images. The wide range of resolution adjustments makes it really easy to attain the image of your liking. As soon as you tap the save image tab, you get the resolution options that go up 4800x3200pixels to choose from. These images are magazine ”class”, maybe you want an amazing wallpaper of your best place in the world, google earth pro delivers your wishes.

2.Accuracy in recording distance.

This software has measurement options on the ruler tab you can choose from. In spite of measuring distances, you can get area estimates of irregular shaped topography.
This is a great feature for survey and reconnaissance purposes.

3.Recording and customizing a tour

You may want to make a recording of your tour. But how do you personalize it? Google earth pro has a HD movie maker tool that may come in handy for this purpose. You can hit the record button to make a movie and even export it to your computer.

How do you do it?

Go to the toolbar and choose the record the tour button. After that hit the red recording button and start the tour. To export the video file, select Tools > Movie Maker.

Google earth pro is an amazing software with a wide range of intriguing tools that help you navigate the world at the comfort of your computer. The software is a great place to start sight seeing and even bring your dreams to reality in an insightful way.