GeoGebra Reviews

Geogebra is developed by the Swiss company Geometri GmbH located in Zurich. It was created to provide mathematics teachers with a prototyping tool that would allow them to model geometric situations without using construction or drawing tools. It was conceived in 2002, and a prototype released in 2003 under the name Project Geometry, which led to its commercial release as GeoGebra in December 2005.

A student can construct shapes freely with GeoGebra’s drawing tools, perform calculations numerically or symbolically, create graphs to explore mathematical relationships, and interact with dynamic geometry simulations. It may be used to support the mathematics curriculum in grades 6–12. Students have been found to be engaged in learning with GeoGebra, and it has been used for instruction across the curriculum.

Geogebra is an online tool that allows the user to draw lines, create circles, change colors, and more. From simple fractions to more advanced calculus equations, there are many elements that are involved and are teachable with the Geogebra software suite.

It can be used to teach fractions because it enables teachers to show examples of how fractions are represented graphically on a number line. It allows for quick recall of different fractions as well as the ability to quickly change colors and lines, so teachers can create a number line with different fractions on it.

This tool will be beneficial to help students visualize math and also assists in the various visual components of math. Geogebra is helpful for teachers to use as a visual aid in the classroom. It will help students more easily understand fractions by seeing them visually on a number line instead of trying to calculate it. It is also beneficial for teachers who want to use colors or multiple lines in their fractions lessons. Many students can relate with colors better than numbers, so this helps them understand the fractions in a different way.

Custom templates, like the ruler templates, give a hands-on approach with the precision of a computer. You can construct and annotate graphs of functions and their graphs, as well as use various different coordinate systems. This is a great way to teach students about the real world applications of math.

There are many benefits of using Geogebra in the classroom including:

-Allows for quick recall of fractions/decimals/percents along with the ability to quickly change color and lines

-Creates an environment more relaxed for teaching fractions/decimals/percents

-Introduces technology in the classroom

-This tool can help learn calculus derivatives with the interactive graphing calculator.

-Allows students of all ages to utilize Geogebra more easily than using pencil and paper

It takes mathematical concepts from the book and brings them to life in interactive tools that help students learn and explore. There are also uploadable lesson modules for teachers so they can help guide their students.

The GeoGebra download provides many useful tools for educators and their students to help them understand their math principles. Also, there are many different components so they can customize it to their lesson plan.


This tool can help learn calculus derivatives with the interactive graphing calculator.