PuTTY Reviews

PuTTY Reviews

PuTTY is a popular Telnet and SSH client available for Windows OS users. You can connect your PC to the systems of your peers via rlogin or TCP network protocols and share files with ease. It’s a free and open source tool that is compatible with almost all versions of Windows operating system.

The major purpose of keeping its user interface simple was that beginners can easily get a grasp of its functionalities. As for advanced users, there are a wide range of options that can be used by pro users only. For instance, you can execute a variety of independent input and output processes via its xterm terminal emulator. In short, it offers something for everyone.

Secure File Transfer

When you send files to a friend’s PC via a network, you may keep worrying about data safety. PuTTY provides a secure environment that makes it easier for you to transfer files.

SSH is a secure network protocol. Moreover, it also offers support for DES, Arcfour, Triple DES, and Public-key authentication systems. The software keeps hackers at bay and protects critical information from unauthorized access.

Components of Putty

PuTTY comes equipped with various components that help you perform the desired tasks:

  • PuTTY – rlogin, Telnet, and SSH client
  • PSCP – Command-line SCP client
  • Pageant – SSH authentication agent
  • PSFTP – SFTP client for general file transfer sessions
  • PuTTYgen – a key generator utility
  • PuTTYtel – Telnet client
  • Pterm – a standalone terminal emulator
  • Plink – command-line interface for backend functions


You can access the configurations panel to personalize its operations. Through Sessions category, you can manage sessions and connections and also control session logging. The terminal category helps you customize terminal emulation, line discipline, keyboard sequences, terminal bell styles, and advanced terminal features.

It allows you to adjust its appearance, define behavior, optimize translation feature, control use of the mouse, and choose options for color usage. The software facilitates you to work on connection settings and choose how it transmits data to the server.

This application enables you to manage system resources and thereby, helps you make the most of its functionalities. You can switch between different machines in a matter of minutes.

PuTTY is a suitable utility for beginners and pro users. It facilitates you to share encrypted data over safe SSH network protocol and also offers advanced terminal features. It gives you complete control over its appearance and functions and can accommodate your preferences.