Microsoft Edge

What Is Microsoft Edge

As one of the largest tech companies in the world, Microsoft never stops working to provide customers and users with innovation that counts. Microsoft Edge is no different. This new and improved internet browser has the ability to do great things when it comes to your internet searches.

What Is Microsoft Edge?

Edge is a web browser that is backed up by years of research and data and driven the Microsoft corporation. The goal of this particular browser is to customize your internet experience to make it faster, more reliable, and more to the point. Microsoft Edge can help you shop smarter, find what you are looking for faster, and can help to fully customize each internet experience to deliver the results that you are looking for.

What Can Microsoft Edge Do?

Unlike other, generic internet browser, Microsoft Edge has the ability to allow you to customize your browser with your favorite extensions. There are editing extensions to help you hone your writing skills, shopping extensions to help you search for the best deals, alert extensions to help you be alerted to sales and launches and so much more. There are extensions from your favorite companies as well as extensions that were created by Microsoft themselves.

The Microsoft Edge web browser also comes with a host of safety features built right in to protect you each time you get on the internet. With malware, trojan, virus and information theft safeguards, this internet browser is actively working to protect you each time you log on. There is also a kids mode that can limit what your child has access to and that can give you the ultimate control over what your children are exposed to when they log on to the internet.

Microsoft edge also allows you to seamlessly and safely connect all your settings, passwords, favorites and more to help make searching the web easier and to help make the entire internet process simpler as well. Rather than having to log back in every time you access a page, Microsoft can make it possible to quickly and easily get logged back in and can also store your favorites so that each internet experience is just what you want.

You can also hide your browser history to keep your information and your activity safe while online and to keep people from nosing around in your business. With online tracking blockers, shields to prevent information theft and more, this is truly one of the safest browsers on the market. Searching with Edge is simpler as well as is accessing difficult file types like PDFs. This is a fantastic browser if you are looking for one that can do it all and that can help you have a better internet experience each time you log on.

Who Needs Microsoft Edge?

Edge is a fantastic browser for a wide range of users and with a free Microsoft Edge download, you can see for yourself just what this innovative browser has in store. There are so many features that make it worth taking a look at and that make it a browser that works for a huge range of people doing all sorts of things on the internet. Searching, surfing, shopping and more can all be safer and easier than ever with the help of the Microsoft Edge browser and the sheer power that it possesses.

The internet is a big place, anything that helps make it easier to navigate and a bit less hectic is a great thing. Download your Edge browser today to see what it has to offer.